Myths About Mold

Myths About Mold Project X Restoration DenverOver the years, we’ve discovered that there are a lot of myths about mold out there and our team at Project X Restoration in Denver would like to clear up a few for you today. Knowing the facts and not just hearsay will help you make better decisions when it comes to dealing with mold in your home or commercial building.

First, it’s important to realize that mold is so common that there’s no need to panic at the sight of this stuff. Mold can be a serious issue, but knowing more about what you are dealing with will help you to make smart decisions and refrain from overreacting. Knowing the truth about mold will help you deal with mold appropriately and effectively.

Myth: All Mold is Awful

Actually, some mold was used to develop penicillin and some mold is what makes some cheeses so delicious. Ever tried a tasty blue cheese? It is delectable because of the specific mold used. So while mold seems awful, there are some benefits to some specific molds. Not all mold is bad. It can be difficult to know what kind of mold you are dealing with though and it is important to realize that some mold really is bad and can cause problems.

Myth: All Mold Causes Health Troubles

When it comes to myths about mold, this is a big one. Mold can be responsible for health problems, but not all mold. It is important to understand that the effects on people can be very different depending on the person and the mold. Molds are responsible for some allergens but not everyone reacts to these allergens.

Some people can be highly sensitive to these allergens and for these people, mold can be dangerous and require mold remediation. Often, these individuals have compromised immune systems. Some people develop breathing troubles, watery and itchy eyes, bloody noses, headaches, as well as other issues. Repeated exposure can cause the onset of sensitivities to mold in many people and the development of additional health issues.

Myth: No Mold Should be Inside

One of the myths about mold is that it needs to be completely eradicated. However, the air around us contains mold spores and there is really no way to avoid mold spores unless you live in a bubble. The problem is not really the presence of mold, as much as it is a concentrated amount of mold in your home. Mold should not be growing on your walls or other surfaces. This is a concentrated amount that can lead to problems.

We all live with mold, but there is a question about how much people should really be exposed to in their homes. If you suspect mold is causing your health troubles, you should consider mold remediation services, such as the ones we offer here at Project X Restoration in Denver.

Myth: Bleach Kills Mold

This is one of the myths about mold that is partially true. Some molds on certain non-porous surfaces can be killed by the use of bleach. It is important to note that bleach itself can pose health risks to people and bleach is still being researched for its effectiveness in dealing with mold. Because of its health risks, bleach is not recommended to clean up mold issues. Bleach can also be corrosive to a number of materials and so using it can be problematic.

When it comes to cleaning up mold, there can be a potential for spreading mold. This is one reason why a professional removal service is recommended and often necessary.

Myth: If the Mold is Killed, There is no Reason to Remove it

Killing mold is really not sufficient. Killing mold does not remedy any health effects because all the allergens in mold are still present even if the mold has been killed. Often, the only way to mitigate further health troubles from mold is to remove the affected materials. This will eliminate the potential for the mold to spread and it will help with the continued mold exposure that contributes to health problems.

Myth: You Don’t Need to Worry about Mold Because it’s Natural

Mold is naturally occurring but that does not mean it is harmless. If you allow mold to gain a solid foothold in an area of your home, the repeated exposure to the mold allergens comes with an increased risk of health troubles. Additionally, mold can cause the materials in your building or home to deteriorate. This deterioration can cause other more serious structural problems. If you have mold, the best course of action is quick, professional, and effective mold removal.

Myth: A Little Mold is Nothing to Worry About

If you can see mold on a surface, it is likely you have a much larger problem than you realize. Mold it a bit like icebergs: most of the mold is going to be below the surface. This means if you see mold, prepare yourself that there is more growing that you may not be able to see.

This is another reason that professional removal and remediation is recommended. Professionals know that if you see mold on a wall, there is going to be a larger amount below the surface that will need to be removed.

Myth: DIY Cleanup is a Good Idea

Here’s another of the myths about mold that is partially true. Some kinds of mold in small quantities may be perfectly fine with a DIY cleanup. But for some molds, you are going to need a professional. Proper mold cleanup includes identifying the source to prevent the mold from re-growing, as well as isolating and removing surfaces that are affected.

You may need a containment unit, a commercial HEPA filtration unit, HEPA vacuums, protective gears, the ability to do a wet extraction, and specialized cleaning agents. This is beyond most homeowners and so the large majority of people would benefit from proper mold remediation which is going to remove the mold appropriately and effectively.

Now that you know the myths about mold, contact us here at Project X Restoration in Denver for your mold removal issue. We can make sure that your mold is removed properly, that the mold is contained to avoid spreading, and that the clean-up up is thorough and effective. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.