In Chicago, Business is Booming for Crime-Scene Cleaners

In Chicago, Business is Booming for Crime-Scene CleanersAccording to an article in the Chicago Tribune, business is booming for crime-scene cleaners in Chicago. Project X in Denver knows that it’s not an easy job to handle the sensitive nature of the situation, as well as possess the knowledge and skill to properly manage biohazard disposal.

Crime scene cleaning companies began in the early 1990s, and today there are 500 to 800 companies specializing in it nationwide. According to the Chicago Tribune article, the number of crime-scene cleaning companies in the area has tripled recently. This is due in part to an increased awareness of contamination and disease, and the effort made by cities eliminate homes and structures affected by hoarding.

Biohazard clean-up companies are used to clean up homicides, unattended deaths, suicides, and the homes of hoarders. In addition, they might be called to clean the interiors of cars and trucks after accidents, as well as meth labs. This expanding profession is mostly unregulated. However, companies must comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for employees, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations for biohazard disposal.

Cleaners wear breathing apparatuses and biohazard suits, with their feet wrapped and gloves taped at their wrists. The basic process starts with using an enzyme to open cells, then applying chemicals to kill the bacteria. Then, two more industrial strength cleaners are used to ensure proper sanitation of the scene.

On top of the physical clean-up, biohazard cleaners must handle a very troubling situation that may create an emotional response. There may be body fluids and human matter on the floors, ceilings, and walls. The smell alone can often be overwhelming. Sometimes the deceased have not been discovered for several days, or there may be more than one victim and a much larger clean-up.

The emotional side of knowing what went on at the crime scene can be difficult for the cleaners, especially if a child was involved. Every scene is a tragedy and the biohazard cleaner must find a way to stay removed and keep focused on returning the area to its original condition.

Even when the clean-up is completed, the job isn’t finished. All biohazards must then be properly disposed of in specially designed plastic bags that go inside containers and are destroyed with pressurized steam sterilization.

Not surprisingly, this kind of clean-up can be expensive, running from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the site and extent of the damage. If a body is decomposed, the clean-up is more complicated due to the need to remove and rebuild floors, ceilings, or walls.

According to a Chicago Tribune article, business is booming for crime scene cleaners in Chicago. As Project X in Denver knows, most biohazard situations require professional clean-up to prevent both contamination and disease, as well as the fortitude to deal with the emotional nature of these situations. If you need crime scene clean-up, Project X is here to help you through this difficult time. Please get in touch for information.