Why Hire Crime Scene Cleanup Professionals

Why hire crime scene cleanup professionals? Here at Project X Restoration in Denver, we know that when there is a tragic accident, violent crime, or suicide, some people don’t fully realize how traumatic such an event can be and fewer understand that cleanup, particularly blood cleanup, is best left to specialists. One of the most important and obvious reasons to use a certified service is to help minimize trauma.

However, there are numerous other reasons why you should consider hiring crime scene cleanup professionals. Let’s take a look.


Particularly when there is blood to clean up, safety becomes a prominent issue that may not be foremost in people’s minds. Cleaning up blood has the potential for exposing a person to bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis, MRSA, HIV/AIDS, and more. A professional can ensure that you and your family are not exposed to diseases and they can make sure that the cleanup is thorough and effective.

Protect Your Property Value

Professional crime scene cleanup technicians can make sure that the blood is cleaned up in such a way that your property damage (such as damage to your home, vehicle, or business) is minimized and your property’s value is preserved as much as possible. Professionals are trained, certified, equipped, and have experience in cleaning up blood. The thoroughness of the cleanup will ensure that there are no further issues by ensuring that all bacteria, viruses, and fungi are eliminated properly.

If you need a professional crime scene cleanup service, please contact us here at Project X Restoration in Denver. We’re here to provide a discreet and thorough restoration.

Limit Psychological Trauma

While people might be able to comprehend that cleaning involves a lot of blood and fluids, there is no way to truly understand how traumatic it can be to clean it up – especially if the deceased is a loved one or someone they knew. Having professionals clean up can avoid unexpected psychological consequences, leaving as little as possible behind to minimize reminders of the event.

Legal Issues

If there is a crime or suspected crime, involving the police is a must. Using specialists for cleanup after will ensure that proper protocols are used. Crime scene cleanup professionals are familiar with preserving the integrity of a crime scene and adhering to any legal issues to ensure that all concerns are appropriately addressed and handled.

Save Money and Time

Cleaning up blood appropriately can be incredibly time consuming, requiring specific tools and supplies. Plus, when tragedy strikes, there are a number of other important details that will require your attention. A professional service can make sure the work is done quickly, saving you time and money, while allowing you to attend to more important matters and alleviate concerns about whether the area was properly disinfected and sanitized.

Why hire crime scene cleanup professionals? To save yourself and your family from any additional trauma and health issues. Here at Project X Restoration in Denver, we can take care of the cleanup after a suicide, violent crime, or accident. Our services are fast, efficient, thorough, and customer oriented. Let us help you through this difficult time.