Mold Removal Denver


Mold can cause serious health risks. It is found in areas of standing water and dampness and can be also be found in carpet, on paper, wood and other organic materials. If you suspect you have mold and are looking for mold removal services in Denver, Project X is the company to call.

Some people are sensitive and allergic reactions to molds and excessive amounts or certain types of mold can present serious health concerns. Some of the signs of mold include the visible mold itself, musty odors, water damage, swelling of trim and/or walls, excessive humidity, discoloration on building materials. If you have any of these you need mold removal services.

Symptoms of exposure to molds can be nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, skin irritation or in extreme cases, shortness of breath. Mold is nothing to mess around with. Let the professional at Project X help you with mold removal services in Denver.