Why You Need Emergency Board Up Services

Why You Need Emergency Board Up ServicesAt Project X in Denver, we realize that you may not understand why you need emergency board up services. If you have never faced an emergency at your home or business, you may not know what board up services are, much less why or when you might need them. To clear things up, we’ve put together some information to explain more about board up services.

Board Services in a Nutshell

Windows are one of the most vulnerable points of a home or business. Put simply, windows are easy to break, much easier than a door or a wall. If you are unable to get a window repaired right away, having an emergency board up service come out is a way to protect your home or business while you are waiting for the repair or replacement to be done.

Often, in natural disasters, such as storms, many people find themselves in the same need for window repair and replacement. Emergency window services just may not be available right away and board up services are the answer in the meantime.

Common Reasons for Board Up Services

Here are a few of the common reasons people need board up services.

  • Storm Damage: Storms can be quite powerful, especially here in Denver where we live in hail alley. Just this year, we had golf ball sized hail and bigger.
  • Fire: Heat from a fire can cause windows to shatter. Firefighters might also break windows in order to access a structure and put out the blaze.
  • Property Vacancy: An unattended property, such as one that’s abandoned, foreclosed or even mid-renovation, will sometimes be vandalized. Board up services help protect the building from further damage.
  • Prevention: If you know a big storm is on the way, using board up services can stop windows from breaking, eliminating the need for window replacement altogether.


Save Money by Using Board Up Services

Some people don’t feel that using board up services is worth the money and time. Here are some reasons it is really a money saving move.

  • Prevents further damage: Boarding up after your home has sustained damage will be cut further losses. If you’ve suffered a fire or other disaster, securing your home or business will help protect you from ongoing issues.
  • Retain insurance coverage: Many policies require that once your home sustains damage, you must stop further damage from occurring. If hail has broken a window and you then had your home boarded up, your insurance company should pay for the damage. Not doing so may give them a reason to deny your claim or only pay a portion of your costs.
  • Preventing vandalism: Once a home or business is damaged, if there will be a period before windows or doors will be repaired or replaced, particularly with foreclosures, board up services are a must. This deters vandalism, theft, and potential liability issues.

Now that understand why you need emergency board up services, call us at Project X in Denver if and when you have determined you have a situation that requires board up services. We’re available 24/7 and can typically have a crew out to your location in about an hour.