Signs That Someone You Know is a Hoarder

flood trash Project X Restoration DenverToday, Project X Restoration in Denver wants to share the signs that someone you know is a hoarder. Most people have days when their house is cluttered or messy, but for a hoarder, it’s not just an occasional problem but a deep psychological issue that interferes with their day-to-day lives. For these people, intervention may be necessary and professionals brought in to assist with a hoarding cleanup.

Hoarders Defined

If someone you know is a hoarder, they will typically have a hard time getting rid of items with no value. They might keep newspapers, magazines, broken appliances, and garbage. And it’s not just that they keep these items but that the amount they keep starts to interfere with their daily lives, creating problems with their family, friends, and relationships. It can also lead to financial and even legal problems for those who suffer from hoarding.

If you or someone you know needs help cleaning up a hoarder’s home, contact us here at Project X Restoration. We are experienced, understanding and ready to help.

Warning Signs

Not every hoarder has the same issues and not every messy person is a hoarder. Here are a few of the warning signs:

  • Inability to throw away stuff, particularly items with no value. Hoarders often cannot be convinced that they need to throw stuff away or clean. Often discussing the problem can make them defensive and emotional.
  • Throwing stuff away causes high anxiety. When items are discarded, it can cause a high level of anxiety. Hoarding shares a number of characteristics with obsessive-compulsive disorders.
  • Denial there is a problem. Hoarders often have difficulty recognizing that their living conditions are creating trouble. They see themselves as “collectors”.
  • Hoarders exhibit obsessive actions and thoughts. Hoarders often fear not having an item in the future. They worry about throwing out items accidentally. They may even go through the garbage to ensure that nothing they want has been put there.
  • Hoarders often compulsively purchase items. Hoarders frequently purchase more than they planned. They often have purchased items that remain unopened and they will take free items regardless of whether they really need them.
  • Parts of the home become unusable. Sometimes rooms in a hoarders home cannot be used. There are sometimes pathways that are lined with stuff or stuff is piled very high in rooms.
  • Often a hoarders home is unhealthy. Hoarder homes are often unsanitary. Dishes and laundry are unwashed for very long periods. Sometimes sinks, bathrooms, and other areas become unusable.
  • Have a collection of pets. Often hoarders have a number of pets who are not properly cared for. These pets often contribute to unsanitary and unhealthy living conditions of the home.
  • A hoarder’s home affects daily activities. Hoarders often lose important items. They are chronically late and frequently have trouble getting through their days because they are surrounded by stuff.

Here at Project X Restoration in Denver, our team can help with hoarding cleanup. We are discreet, respectful and able to assist in with emptying the home, cleaning and restoring it to livable conditions. If someone you know is a hoarder, please contact us for information.