Smoke Damage Cleanup Companies

Project X Restoration is one of Denver’s leading smoke damage cleanup companies serving Metro Denver and the front range of Colorado.

If you have been a victim of fire it’s important to get help fast.  If you are in Denver and have suffered damage due to fire Project X Restoration is one of the leading smoke damage cleanup companies in Denver and we’re ready to help.

A critical factor when dealing with fire and smoke damage is the time between when the damage occurs and clean up and restoration begins.

Within Minutes: Acid soot residues cause plastics to yellow; small appliances located close to the source of combustion discolor; highly porous materials (marble, alabaster) discolor permanently.

Within Hours: Acid residues stain grout in bathrooms; fiberglass bath fixtures may yellow; uncoated metals tarnish, counter tops may yellow; finishes on appliances, particularly refrigerators, may yellow; furniture finishes may discolor.

Within Days: In time, acid residues cause painted walls to yellow permanently; metal corrodes, pits and rusts; wood furniture requires refinishing; vinyl flooring requires refinishing or replacement; clothing becomes soot stained; upholstery stains permanently.

Within Weeks: Restoration costs escalate tremendously. Synthetic carpet fibers may yellow or discolor permanently; silver plate is corroded permanently; glass, crystal, china may require replacement due to severe etching and pitting caused by prolonged exposure to acid soot residues.

As a leading smoke damage cleanup company in Denver, we know that failure to correct the situation quickly can be a costly mistake. Every hour delayed may cause more potential damage to your residential or commercial building. We have a 1 hour guarantee for appointment arrival time because we know how valuable your time is and how critical it is to get underway with your restoration work.

At Project X Restoration our employees are trained professionals who will treat your home, office or apartment building with the quality and respect you deserve. We know you will be satisfied with our work and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.