Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is a large and complicated problem and you need a team of professionals that are experienced in dealing with such situations.  

Project X Restoration serving Denver and up and down the front range has the expertise you need to deal with your water damage restoration problem. It’s important to hire the right company because not only do you have to solve the water problem you have to deal with the clean-up and restoration of the property.  

Water damage restoration can include the repair of your interior basement walls including drywall replacement. You could end up sealing leaky foundation and basement walls if your basement is suffering from improper grading and drainage issues.  Repairing and replacing windows if your basement walls are not below ground level including window wells. There is wet and damaged carpeting or flooring that will either need to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.  Finally, if standing water has been an ongoing problem in your home black mold could be inhabiting the space and will need to be dealt with in a safe and expedient manner as the health risks to family and pets can be significant.

water damage restoration Denver

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to report after a heavy rain they have water in the basement.  There are some facts you should know before you spend any money on waterproofing your basement.

The presence of water in a basement is a major headache that requires a professional plan to deal with these issues in the right order.  In addition to water damage to your belongings, there is a potential for mold and bacteria to grow.  To avoid water damage in your basement, you need to understand the various ways water can get into your basement.  It’s important to educate yourself on “why” you are having a problem so that further damage and expense can be avoided.

Leaking Window Wells

The window wells around your home serve a purpose in addition to being decorative.  They are positioned outside or at ground level windows to keep water and soil away from the window and let in natural sunlight.  They work to keep groundwater and draining rain water away unless your entire drainage system isn’t working properly, then window wells may have trouble doing their job

If your gutters are full of debris, and they overflow, this is another common source of rainwater overflowing your gutters and filling up your window wells.  Keeping your gutters clean and your downspouts draining well will ensure that water is kept outside of your basement and not leaking in through the window wells.

Leak At The Top of the Basement Wall 

If the ground around your basement is near level, water can leak into your basement over the top of your foundation/basement wall.  The problem can is worse if the ground is sloping into the house.  When rainwater is draining back towards your house, instead of away from it, it may find an entry point above the basement wall.  This type of problem is common in older homes.  

Improper Gutters Systems Contribute To Many Basement Leaks

It’s also important to take a look at your downspouts.  If they are not long enough, or not pointed away from the home, it could be discharging rain water right into your basement over the top of the basement wall.

Leaking Basement Wall or Cracks

One of the most severe issues are cracks in the basement and foundation walls.  You can’t just repair the crack; you need to know what caused the crack in the first place to avoid additional cracking. Most likely, the crack in your basement wall was created by pressure.  If water is allowed to flow back towards the home, it creates a reservoir of wet dirt.  Pressure builds up pushing the water against your wall, and it either finds existing cracks to seep through or creates new ones.

When you find water damage It’s always best to contact a professional water damage restoration company to help you as this is typically not a do it yourself repair due to the complexity.   Project X Restoration in Denver is a full-service water damage restoration company and can help you get your home or business back to where it should be.  Call us today to schedule an immediate evaluation of your water damage problems.