Commercial Asbestos Removal

commercial asbestos removal denver

Are you in need of commercial asbestos removal in Denver? It can come as quite a shock to find out that your building does, in fact, contain this dangerous substance. However, with the right people and tools on your side, removing your asbestos and replacing it with something that has fewer dangers is straightforward. Call us at Project X today and we’ll get started as soon as we can.


Our Asbestos Removal Process

We follow all state and national regulations when it comes to removing your asbestos and keeping it out of your air. We protect ourselves, too, so you don’t have to worry about anyone sustaining harm during the process.


We start by setting up a safe space for our work. We’ll seal the air ducts, turn off your HVAC system, and cover any surfaces not being treated for asbestos. This keeps the asbestos particles out of your HVAC system and away from any surfaces where they could stick and cause problems later on.


After that, we’ll get rid of your asbestos. Our employees always wear all of the required protective equipment. They’ll put your asbestos-containing materials in special bags, then get taken out through a decontamination unit before we put them in a special dumpster that is labeled and lined.


Finally, we’ll vacuum the room down with a special HEPA-filtered vacuum. This removes all remaining particles from the air and from any surfaces. Before we open your room back up for use, we’ll test it multiple times to make sure the asbestos is entirely gone.


If you are facing commercial asbestos removal in Denver, call us at Project X. We’ll get there fast, assess the situation, and devise a plan to rid you of asbestos for good.