Homeless Encampment

If you are a homeowner or business owner near the site of a homeless encampment, the need for cleaning it up may exist. You may have found yourself in the position of needing to take action to clean up a homeless encampment, perhaps together with others in your neighborhood. This is the present reality for you because those in the encampment have uprooted themselves and departed.

If you’ve viewed the homeless encampment more closely, your immediate response may be despair. If that is the case, you are far from alone in having that reaction – and it is perfectly understandable. Considering the prospect of a homeless encampment cleanup can be overwhelming.

When a homeless encampment uproots, residents and businesses in the neighborhood cannot necessarily rely on a Denver city or county public works crew to proceed apace to remediate the aftermath. The task of undertaking a homeless encampment cleanup indeed may rest in the laps of neighboring businesses and homeowners.

Homeless Encampment

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  • Pressure washing
  • Side walk cleaning
  • Solid hazardous waste
  • Handling of personal property
  • Bags and boxes provided to current residents
  • Management of storage

Phases to clean up

Clean Up

The first phase of remediating the damage and dangers associated with a homeless encampment is cleanup. This includes the appropriate elimination of physical items that are likely strewn about the encampment site. Care must be taken to identify physical items that may be contaminated with things like blood, bodily fluids, or other biological materials. If a physical item is contaminated in this way, it must be destroyed by using the standards established by the Denver Health Department and other agencies.

It is during this phase that blood, bodily fluids, human and animal waste, and other biological materials are addressed. These need to be placed into proper biohazardous waste containers and transported by a licensed entity for destruction.


A professional homeless encampment cleanup professional utilizes medical grade chemicals to sanitize an area in which biohazardous materials were removed. This step is necessary to ensure that people are not exposed to these dangerous pathogens going forward.


The ultimate objective of the comprehensive biohazard remediation of a homeless encampment is to restore the area to a safe, usable condition. Even once this process is completed, you need to appreciate that, as of this time in Los Angeles, there is little to prevent the return of a homeless encampment. That remains an entirely different issue that is still being debated among stakeholders with different concerns and positions about homeless encampments.

Homeless Encampment

  • Squatter clean up
  • Feces clean up
  • Urine clean up
  • Vacant lot clean up
  • Trashe hauling and removal
  • Board ups
  • Junk removal
  • Property sanitizing