Insulation Removal

attic insulation removal denver

Is it time to get rid of your old insulation but you’re not sure where to start? Maybe you want to replace it with a more modern product but you don’t know how that works. At Project X, we specialize in insulation removal in Denver. We’ll pull your old insulation out, no matter what it’s made of, and help you get the new product you need to stay warm at home.


Insulation removal in Denver can be difficult and even dangerous. A lot of insulation creates dust or breaks down into other particles that you don’t want to inhale. These can damage your lungs and make breathing difficult even for the healthiest person. If you don’t have the right equipment, removing insulation can make you feel miserable for days!


When we remove your insulation, we’ll do it with the proper safety gear. Depending on the type of insulation you have, this can include masks and suits, and even specialized gloves and boots to protect us from sharp particles in some types of insulation. We won’t suffer because we know what we’re doing!


We also have top-of-the line equipment that we can use to remove your insulation, so the job will get done better and faster. We’ll make sure we get all of the insulation out, even the parts that are back in deep nooks and crannies. We’ll also use professional suction methods, to ensure we get all of the little pieces that might otherwise get left behind.


Finally, we’ll dispose of your old insulation properly. You won’t have to try to hide it from the garbage man or schedule a special pick-up to get rid of it. We know how to handle it and we’ll do that for you. It’s included in the price of our removal!


After we’re done, we’ll help you install the insulation you’ve been wanting. We’ll make sure you get the best product for you and that it’s put in well. If you need recommendations, we’ll make some based on our long experience in the business.


Call us today for insulation removal in Denver or insulation installation!