Marijuana Cleanup Experts

marijuana cleanup denver

Do you need to clean up after finding a marijuana growhouse on your property? At Project X Restoration, we take marijuana cleanup very seriously. In fact, we are one of the top places to go for marijuana cleanup in Denver.


When a property is used as a growhouse, many things can go wrong. Growers often alter the electrical work, they often don’t have the ventilation necessary to get rid of odors and fumes, and they may even use the plumbing for disposal of all sorts of waste. Hazards can also include:


  • Odors, either from the marijuana plants themselves or from the chemicals used to grow them
  • Dangerous chemical residues and spills from fertilizers, pesticides, and more
  • Toxic mold from the high humidity levels necessary to help the plants grow well


We specialize in mitigating all of these dangers. We will do whatever is necessary to get the property both clean and safe again. This includes:


  • Removing and replacing any porous surfaces, where chemicals can remain and mold can grow
  • Thoroughly cleaning all other surfaces
  • Performing a mold test
  • Mold remediation and/or mold removal
  • Reconstruction after mold removal, as necessary
  • Removing odors where they linger or remain
  • Cleaning all air ducts and other pieces of the ventilation system
  • Applying any anti-microbial protection that is necessary
  • Cleaning or removing all carpets affected by the grow


Our cleaners have specialized training to make sure your marijuana cleanup in Denver goes as smoothly as possible. We want you to be completely satisfied when we are done. That’s why we do a preliminary inspection, let you know what we find, and perform another inspection at the end. The plan we form will be customized based on what we find when we do our first inspection. Not every marijuana growhouse cleanup is the same, and we want to make sure we address what needs to be done in your cleanup location.


No matter how bad your marijuana cleanup in Denver is, we will get things back to normal again for you as fast as we can. We will be there for you every step of the way so you can always rest assured that you don’t have to face this monster of a problem alone!