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If you suspect that mold has invaded your home, business or multifamily property, contact the certified pros at Project X for fast, comprehensive mold removal and remediation services. We'll conduct a FREE on-site inspection to determine the mold type and extent of the issue, then provide you with a removal and remediation plan along with a no-obligation estimate.


For expert mold removal and remediation, contact Project X today: 888-699-6989


How to Tell if You Need Mold Removal and Remediation


  1. Visible Growth – Look behind and under your carpet and pad, furniture, sink cabinets, and any items stored near outside or cold walls (such as in your basement). You may see discoloring, a stain and even fuzzy mold growths.
  2. Pungent Odor – If you notice a persistent earthy or musty odor, you may have mold. While it can live unseen behind walls, even wallpaper, that telltale odor will at least indicate that it's time to call in mold remediation experts.
  3. Health Issues – These can range from minor symptoms such as nasal stuffiness and eye irritation to more serious problems like extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. If these ailments lessen when leaving the home,  mold growth may be the cause.




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" They were on time, on schedule and very clean. Did a great job all around"

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Why Choose Project X for Mold Remediation?


Customers rely on us for our extensive knowledge and experience when dealing with mold damage, remediation and removal. We are licensed, insured and IICRC certified to take on any project, big or small. Once you've contacted Project X, we'll put our mold remediation process into action:


1. Inspection

Our free, on-site inspection includes an assessment inside and out: rooms, crawl spaces, your attic and basement, even your office or warehouse. We'll look for visible growth and use advanced instruments to locate hidden mold and any presence of water.


2. Containment

Using industry best practices, the affected room or area where there's mold growth will be isolated from the rest of your structure and dust will be misted to ensure it doesn't travel beyond the boundaries.


3. Removal

All porous materials that are damp and moldy will be removed and discarded using a double layer of 6 mil thick plastic bags. These will be tied shut and the outside decontaminated using a commercial-grade solution so that our team can walk them out for disposal without spreading mold to other areas.


4. Cleanup

All non-porous materials will be vigorously scrubbed down with wire brushes and cleaning wipes that will also be disposed of using the same double-bag method implemented during all mold removal in Denver. We are trained in both Level I and Level II cleanup processes to ensure your space is properly remediated.


5. Remodeling

Because mold likes to grow in damp dark places, remediation often requires the removal of drywall, flooring, carpets and pads, as well as other structural materials. At Project X, our mold remediation services don't stop at removal and cleanup. We offer remodeling and construction services to repair damage caused by mold and fully restore your home, business or multifamily property.


If you suspect a mold issue, contact Project X right away for a free inspection: 888-699-6989