Crime Scene Cleanup

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If tragedy comes into your life unexpectedly, Project X is here to provide crime scene cleanup in Denver any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. We understand how overwhelmed you might be and will treat both you and the situation with respect and dignity. As you cope with the intense emotions that come with a sudden loss, you can trust our compassionate professionals to properly clean and restore the property.


Project X is available to assist in a variety of difficult situations:

  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Suicide Cleanup
  • Blood & Fluid Cleaning
  • Decomposition Cleanup


For an 24/7 emergency crime scene cleanup in Denver, contact Project X at: 888-699-6989


The Importance of Expert Crime Scene Cleanup

We know that the initial trauma of a death and dealing with the aftermath can be very overwhelming for you. Allowing Project X to provide you with certified, professional cleanup protects you from added distress. It will also guard against exposure to blood borne pathogens and biohazards.


While each situation will be different, our cleaning process typically includes:


  • Discarding contaminated, damaged or soiled items
  • Removing all blood, tissue and bodily fluids
  • Carefully disinfecting and sanitizing the entire area
  • Eliminating odors throughout the property


Project X follows all local, state and federal laws in regards to crime scene cleanup. All hazardous materials will be fully contained and disposed of at the proper facilities. We will also document each step and provide an inventory of anything that was removed due to contamination or damage.


Does Insurance Pay for a Crime Scene Cleanup?

Project X has experienced many positive outcomes from insurance companies, and our team has built relationships with several carriers. This enables us to help you through the claims process, advocate on your behalf and conduct cleanup work in accordance with their rules and regulations.


We highly recommend speaking with your carrier regarding coverage, costs and deductibles as they do vary greatly depending on the policy. Either way, rest assured that Project X offers crime scene cleanup in Denver at reasonable prices. Our main goal is to help you through this difficult time.



If you've experienced a loss, speak with a Project X associate now: 888-699-6989