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Hoarders House Cleanup

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If you, a loved one or tenant are struggling with the overwhelming task of a hoarding cleanup, Project X offers the support and help you need to complete the process. We're committed to being respectful and discreet and will assist in decluttering, addressing acute cleaning needs such as mold or biohazards, and providing structural repairs and remodeling to return the home to its original state.


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Professional and Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup

We know that simply discussing the cleanup can be stressful and that allowing our team to come into the home will trigger many emotions. That's why Project X believes in creating a comfortable and safe space where all needs, concerns and boundaries are addressed prior to the hoarding cleanup.


For you, or the recovering hoarder, we promise to:


  • Help you determine what items are valuable and absolutely essential
  • Do our best to identify possessions that can be cleaned and kept
  • Be honest about what items pose a health risk and need to be discarded
  • Involve you in all decisions and not rush you through the process
  • Not judge you or the condition of your home
  • Show you respect and kindness at all times
  • Encourage you at every step and celebrate your progress


Once the clutter has been cleared, our Project X experts will provide all necessary cleaning services in order to restore the home to a safe, livable state, including:

With serious hoarding issues present in at least 1 in 50 people, hoarding is more common than many might think. At Project X, we've assisted in hoarding cleanup for many of our Colorado neighbors and will be here for you, a friend, family member or tenant. The first step may be the hardest, but you can rely on Project X to be by your side every step after.


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