Mold Removal Services in Denver CO

With over 135 years combined experiences in all facets of disaster clean up and restoration, Project X Restoration is the company to call when you really need professional mold removal  services in Denver.
In Colorado you seldom think mold may be the problem.  Isn’t that reserved for humid climates?  Molds can be found anywhere there is standing water.  Some of the signs of mold can include; musty odors, visible mold, water damage, swelling of trim and/or walls, excessive humidity, discoloration on building materials.
Wherever moisture is present molds can grow on carpet, paper, wood, and other organic materials. We use the most up to date equipment and technology for all our mold removal services.  Mold can also cause serious health issues.  Mold removal is crucial!  If you suspect you have mold let the professional at Project X help you with mold removal services in Denver.