How Professionals Remove Mold From Different Surfaces

How Professionals Remove Mold From Different SurfacesMold can strike fear into homeowners, but don’t worry, you will feel relieved when you hear how professionals remove mold from different surfaces. Project X in Denver knows your situation is not as scary when you get professionals to address it the right way.

The most important thing to remember is that when there is mold, you need to get it removed right away. Certain types of mold can cause serious health problems, including throat irritation, coughing, eye irritation, and nasal stuffiness. A good professional mold removal company can use the appropriate cleaning techniques to protect the people in your home or business.

Many times mold is found in your tile and grout because mold needs water to grow. Mold can be removed by using a mold-killing solution and a lot of scrubbing. If there are excessive amounts of mold on your grout, it may need to be bleached to get out the stains. Once all the mold and stains are gone, a grout sealer can be used to prevent the mold from growing back. If the stains cannot be removed then the grout will need to be replaced.

Sometimes mold grows on the walls. If the drywall is not painted it will need to be removed. It’s not necessary to always remove the whole wall. Sometimes if the mold is found in time, the portions that have mold can be sliced out with a utility knife. After it’s been removed, the spot can be patched.

If you have mold on primed or painted drywall, usually it is only on the surface. The mold can be removed by wiping it down with a mold-killing cleaning solution.

Mold is sometimes found on carpet or rugs, especially in damp areas like basements. If the mold is on wall-to-wall carpeting, it will need to be removed and thrown away. If you don’t get rid of it, despite cleaning, the mold is likely to return. It’s best just to dispose of it.

However, if you have an area rug that has mold, scrubbing it with a mold-killing solution can get rid of the mold in most cases. After scrubbing, the rug will be placed outside to dry in the sun. When it is completely dry, it will be vacuumed with a special HEPA vacuum that will remove any mold spores that still remain.

Depending on how much mold is found, you may need a complete cleaning of your HVAC systems in order to thoroughly remove mold spores and toxins from the air.

We all know that mold can cause serious damage to your home or business and the health of people exposed to it. But Project X in Denver hopes that after knowing how professionals remove mold from different surfaces, you will feel confident that mold can be dealt with and your home or business restored to a safe state.

Have you spotted mold in your home or business? Contact Project X for an inspection and any remediation work that you might need. We’re here to help.